GIVIDI FABRICS is a company of GIVIDI Group

innovative solutions

GIVIDI FABRICS manufactures Technical Fabrics in one of the most advanced weaving facilities in the world. The quality of its products, the quest for continuous improvement and a passion for innovation characterise GIVIDI FABRICS activity and have contributed to make GIVIDI FABRICS an undisputable reference point in its market segment by delivering high quality innovative solutions that maximize value for the customers

highest quality technical fabrics

GIVIDI FABRICS produces the highest quality technical fabrics for your most demanding applications based on glass, aramid, high tenacity Polypropilene and other High-Strength/High-Performance fibers. We’re proud to provide the resources and expertise for innovative solutions to meet evolving customer needs.

GIVIDI FABRICS is a serious, efficient, reliable and technologically advanced Italian company; founded in 1962, today the company has a state-of-the-art technological production structure and has an installed capacity in excess of 30 millions square meters of fabrics per year.

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