Production Process

GIVIDI FABRICS manufactures Technical Fabrics with highest Technological Machinery and Processes; some of the machinery has been designed, developed or modified through advanced techniques based on more than 45 years experience in technical textile operations and R&D in the field of Technical Fabrics production.
GIVIDI FABRICS holds several patents and Intellectual Property on weaving technology and on innovative products.

The main Production processes are the following:


The most advanced techniques and new concepts are applied for the preparation of perfect beams; particular attention is taken for the control of yarn tensioning of each individual end.


The most recent looms are used for weaving glass yarns and other technical fibers in a fully air conditioned environment which allows the production of high quality fabrics. Thanks to modifications protected by proprietary Intellectual Propriety and several Patents, GIVIDI FABRICS is able to weave Zero Twist glass yarns and possesses the most versatile Weaving Technology that allows the weaving of almost all High Tech fibers with little or no limitations.


Finishing equipment has been developed internally to ensure perfect adaptability to technical fibers. Finishing is becoming the most delicate operation which enhance fiber and fabrics performance; in GIVIDI FABRICS, it is carried out with extreme care by completely automatic machines, under a severe instrumental and visual control by highly qualified operators.
Proprietary Finish formulations are applied to technical fabrics in order to meet the various requirements. The finish must be selected according to the type of resin system used by customer, the application and the further processing to ensure maximum performance of the composite part that the fabric has to reinforce.

Heat cleaning

For many applications, Technical Fabrics must be properly de-sized before undergoing Finishing. In particular, glass yarn is covered with a starch and oil based binder, whose removal is required in order to ensure reliable lamination with thermosetting and thermoplastic resins.
Thanks to exclusive technology, GIVIDI FABRICS is able to remove yarn binder in a single step procedure preserving the perfect orthogonality of warp to weft threads coming from the loom even on jumbo rolls (more than 2.500ml long) without the need of any splice.


When removal of yarn binder is required on other fibres, (aramid, HMWP, Carbon, etc), that cannot sustain heat cleaning or whose binder is not compatible with heat removal, scouring process is usually performed.SO 5025, FMS-3015A, FMS-3015B, 5PTMGG15, MIL-C-9084, MIL-C-20079, MIL-Y-1140